What I’m Packing for Turks and Caicos

Raffia Sandals (I bought the tan version) / Sunglasses / Sunscreen Pajamas (Less expensive version here) / Straw Hat / Sundress Jean Shorts / Bathing Suit (I bought the solid red and striped version here) White Buttondown / Straw Bag / Gingham Bathing Suit (old, similar here) Hair Ties / White Denim / Skincare / Earrings


Two Year Sleep Regression

Sleep regressions are HARD. No matter the age. James has been the best sleeper from day one. When we put James down to bed at night, he sucks his thumb and puts himself to sleep. But as soon as James turned two, a switch went off. He had the toughest time going to bed, crying … Continue reading Two Year Sleep Regression

Our Favorite Wooden Toys

James and Henry have their fair share of plastic and electronic toys. However, there is something so timeless and special about wooden toys. There are so many benefits of wooden toys. They are educational, environmentally friendly, and durable. They're calming and stimulating and require imagination. It also encourages social interaction. The boys are starting to … Continue reading Our Favorite Wooden Toys