Small-Business Spotlight : ChappyWrap


It’s no secret we love our ChappyWrap blankets; we have three (but I want them all!) and use them during every season throughout the year. It’s really pretty perfect! The blanket is so soft and cozy, warm yet light, and such high quality.

What first catches one’s eye with a Chappy is the beautiful prints and patterns. For items within our home, I’ve stuck with neutral colors (we have the Harborview Herringbone and the Longwharf Herringbone Beige). I would also add navy and blues to our palette with stars, stripes and fish. However, I am open to not only bringing the neutrals outdoors but expanding to brighter colors. We have the Lobster print, but I am loving the hydrangeas, yellow stripes and blue stripes.

One of my favorite features of the ChappyWrap is it’s machine washable. As a mom to humans and animals, it’s a life changer to just throw it right in the wash after a beach trip or backyard picnic. It’s good as new; no pilling or matting like other blankets may get.

ChappyWraps are great gifts, too. I bought our herringbone print blanket when we first moved into our home in July 2018 as a housewarming gift to ourselves. It’s held up with three kids, a dog, and an array of guests for two years and I know we will treasure it forever. It’s a constant reminder of ‘our first home.’

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