About Me

Hi everyone! I am Lauren Fortsch, a Stay at Home Mommy and Blogger, based in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I have an amazing husband, Jimmy, an adorable pup named Nema, and a boy mom to James, Henry and Teddy.

I created simply lauren, previously known as bonjour mes amours, in August of 2015 once we returned home from our honeymoon to France. I was so excited to share my photos and stories with family and friends and I hope to inspire and encourage people to do the same! Thank you so much for following along!  

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Lauran! I just read your blog. It’s funny that we have a lot in common. We all new bloggers, my husband name Jim, but I call him jimmy at home and we are dog owners! I’m glad you found me at Instagram^^.


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