Small-Business Spotlight : J Sperling Paperie


A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law Marie (hi Marie!) emailed our family asking for recipes we’ve been making at home during quarantine. She took all the recipes sent in and compiled a digital recipe book for everyone to use! I shared this in my Instagram stories and how fun it was to add new items to our menu. Cue J. Sperling Paperie.

My friend Jamie reached out and said she loved that our recipes were bringing our family together in a new way during quarantine so she sent me one of her beautiful heirloom recipe books. Guys. It is SO beautiful and brings me so much joy. I am a sucker for anything I can hold and touch and be able to show to someone in person and now our digital recipes and ones I have been storing for years will now have a place on my shelf. The quality is outstanding and I look forward to passing it on to future generations one day!

My favorite part about the keepsake is there is a spot where I can add the history of the recipe and any memories associated with it. I know I have so many associations with different dishes and it’s such a special addition to a recipe book! My hope for when quarantine is over is to have each family member write a recipe in the book so I can have it even more personalized with their handwriting. But until then, this will be one of the most read books in my home 🙂 AND bonus! Now until the end of June, everything in Jamie’s Etsy shop is 50% off! RUN RUN!

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