Strawberry Picking in 2020

It’s no surprise that strawberry picking looks very different this year, as does many other activities. It was our second year picking at Jones Family Farm in Connecticut and we had a blast. They know what they’re doing and have a very well oiled machine working in order to make visitors feel safe.

Before visiting, you must make a reservation online for a specific date and time. This ensures less crowds and more space to social distance. We went with the 9am slot since we’re awake already and it’s not as hot as the afternoon. Once we arrived (masks required), we collected our berry baskets at the berry booth which we bought during the reservation process. There are workers stationed every couple hundred feet or so on the walk to the field in order to ensure distance between groups and to guide you in the right direction. Unfortunately, there was no berry ferry and no strollers allowed but it made for a bigger adventure to walk to the picking spot! Once we made it to our row, we could lower our masks if we desired and get to picking! James and Henry each filled their own basket (and belly :)) and brought them home for yummy treats!

It was a great experience and the boys are already ready to go back next year! Blueberries are in season soon… should we add it to our list?

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