Holiday Inspired Desserts

Red, white and blue are a Fourth of July color palette requirement but it also reminds me of summer in general. Although this post is past the holiday, you can use these desserts as an inspiration for every holiday and occasion! Instead of red, white and blue sprinkles, add the color of choice. For example, we added pink and white sprinkles to the cake pop recipe below for a neighbor who just had a baby girl! Use green and white sprinkles for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Or use colored sprinkles for a birthday party! The possibilities are endless. We found the sprinkles at our local grocery store.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Pour your sprinkle mixture on a plate and roll sandwich for sprinkles to stick.

Cake Pops

We followed this recipe with a box of funfetti mix.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe is the one we used and we added sprinkles to the batter.

Ice Cream Cones

Rice Krispy Treats

We followed the recipe on the Rice Krispy cereal box and added sprinkles when the mix was still hot. However, I suggest waiting until the mixture is poured into the pan and adding the sprinkles on top! Ours turned blue!

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