My Spring Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

I am so excited to share my maternity capsule wardrobe for spring! I have worn these tried and true pieces for most of my first trimester and they will transition over for a few more months. Most of these pieces are non-maternity and can be worn by anyone!


Madewell Courier Top / Dudley Stephens Fleece / Striped Top

Short Sleeve Tee / Beach Sweatshirt


Joggers / Jeans / Leggings


Pink Dress / Blue Midi Dress


Rain Coat / Jean Jacket / Quilted Jacket


Headband / Pearl Barrette / Bandana / Straw Bag / Sunglasses


Sneakers / Flats / Hunter Boots

2 thoughts on “My Spring Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Good post! I was thinking of getting some white Supergas. Are they pretty comfy? Do you wear them with socks? Was also thinking of Keds. Thanks!


    1. Hi Jenny! Thanks so much for reading along! I love my Supergas! I’ve had them for years and they’ve lasted. I do not wear socks with them and they are very comfortable. I wear them mostly everyday! Hope that helps 🙂


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