Dingle, Ireland Travel Guide


From New York City, Ireland is about a 6 hour flight, the same distance from NYC to LA! Flying to Shannon Airport would be ideal as it’s only a two hour or so drive to Dingle. However, our flight was redirected to Dublin which ended up being around 5 hours to Dingle. S


To get to and from the airport you will either need to hire a driving service or rent a car. Since there was 13 of us (!) we hired a coach service to drive us from Dublin to Dingle, enjoying the views and a nap or two along the way! We couldn’t recommend O’ Callaghan enough! Our drivers were so friendly and informative and became friends during our trip. Another option is to rent a car if you have a smaller party. The prices are similar to renting in the United States.


There are many Bed and Breakfast spots and hotels along Main Street in Dingle at every price point. Greenmount House is a great find and only a 5 minute walk from downtown. Our Air BnB was located on a hill, only a 10 minute walk to downtown and next to Greenmount House. The views were spectacular; you could see the water from Dingle Bay during the day and the lights of city at night. We had a lovely little yard with rolling green grass and could see cows and sheep at all angles.


Honestly, you cannot go wrong with any restaurant choice in Dingle. Everything we had was beyond delicious and fresh. Breakfast was mostly eaten at the house but when we ventured out, we would always stop at a local coffee shop (see below). As for dinner we often went out around 9pm. Note that most restaurants close around 9:30pm, however, they were all very accommodating and accepted our large party no matter the time.


Bean in Dingle – A cute little coffee shop right on Green Street downtown with delicious pastries. Try the cinnamon roll! It was actually the first coffee shop in Dingle!

My Boy Blue – Another cute little coffee shop downtown but down a side road. A larger menu for breakfast, too!

Bacus Bakery – This used to be the famous pink bakery but they moved down the block. They bake fresh breads and pastries daily .

Dingle Coffee House (pictured above)- This little yellow coffee stand is right across the street from the marina. And it’s so cute!


Fish & Chips Food Truck – Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the food truck (if there is one). However, it is situated right across the street from the marina in an alley right behind the yellow Dingle Coffee House. It is the BEST fish and chips I have ever had. The batter is light, the fish is fresh and the portion is large. There is very limited seating but you can take your box to go and eat across the street on a bench and watch the boats pass by. If the food truck is not open, walk to Sheehy’s Anchor Down which is located down the next alley. It’s actually the same fish and chips recipe!

The Fish Box – Stay for a bite or take your “fish box” to go. If you decide to stay, you’ll be waited on at your seat. Be advised there is always a crowd but the wait seems to go fast! If you are taking your food to go, order at the counter. Our favorite choice was the fish box; it came with the original fish and chips as well as other fried fish! The homemade tarter sauce was divine too.

The Dingle Pub – Although we didn’t make it here to eat, we went for a few drinks, listen to live music and watch David Geaney, 5 Time Word Champion Irish Step Dancer. It was such high energy and very cool to see!

Reel Dingle Fish – A takeout spot with great fish and chips!


Ashe Restaurant – Such a charming restaurant. The decor is blue, white and wood which is my favorite. I love the nautical theme.

Doyle’s – A cozy restaurant with a fireplace in the front. We sat in the back with our large party. Everyone ordered the seafood chowder and said it was amazing! It comes highly recommended.

The Chart House – Jimmy and I had the chance to dine here one night while the kids stayed home with their cousins (thanks Sam and Julia!) It’s on the Michelin-star restaurant list and you can see why. Not only is the food delicious but the service is friendly and the atmosphere is cozy and intimate. For appetizers, we loved the Caesar salad croquettes and the seafood chowder.


Murphy’s Ice Cream – Sometimes indulged twice a day, Murphy’s is a must! The simple chocolate was my indulgence!


O’ Sullivan Courthouse Pub – From the outside, the name of the bar is written in Gaelic. If you ask where the courthouse pub is, you’ll have a better chance of finding it. It’s in a blue building on a side street with live music and low ceilings and a great experience.

Foxy John’s – Hardware store during the day, bar at night.

Dick Mack’s – Another bar and business in one. On one side you’ll find a leather shop that is still functioning today! Dick Mack’s has lots of unique rooms so make sure to walk around!


Boat Tour – We took a private boat tour around Dingle Bay. It was so beautiful to see the countryside from the water. Another reason why to take the boat : Fungie the dolphin! He’s famous in these parts and he comes out to greet all his visitors!

Aquarium – On a rainy day, we made our way to the aquarium. It was great for the kids with many low, clear tanks and touch tanks! There is even a butterfly room which was so warm on a cold day.

Hold Baby Lambs & Beehive Huts – One of the my favorite memories from the trip. It’s only about $3 to sit in a field and hold baby lambs. They are so calm and cuddly. One even fell asleep in my arms and the boys loved them.

Shopping – Whether it be for a souvenir or a piece of clothing, I always like to bring something special home from a new place. Just walking up and down Main Street and around downtown is an event in and of itself. The buildings are adorable and all brightly colored. Our favorites included Dingle Candle, The Little Cheese Shop, Dingle Bookshop, and Crinkle (an artisan food shop).

Golf – Jimmy’s favorite pastime is playing golf so whenever he has the opportunity he is all over it. He played at two courses on our trip : Tralee and Ceann Sibel Golf Club. They were both awesome!

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