Turks and Caicos Travel Guide


Only about a 3.5 hour flight from Boston or New York City, you can fly direct to the warmth and sunshine of Turks and Caicos. Once you arrive, head through customs and straight to the taxi line. Many hotels have shuttle services to and from the airport so make sure to arrange with your hotel before you go. Our van did not have car seats as they said they would so double check!


The Sands at Grace Bay – This is where we stayed so I can only speak for this spot. Highly recommend! There’s a pool, lazy river, and steps away from beach. Head to the beach early to reserve your spot! We also dined at Hemingway’s at least once a day during our trip. It’s beachside, so delicious and so easy to grab and go!

The Somerset – This hotel reminds me of Europe. It is so beautiful! There’s a great restaurant, amazing infinity pool and right on the beach.

Beaches – THE family resort on the island. We walked by this resort a few mornings and it’s definitely full of families and kids of all ages. Plenty of beach chairs, activities, and ocean games.

The Sevens – A bit more pricey but gorgeous setting. Also a bit more secluded and bigger beach access. Great spot for sunset drinks and dinner! Once a week they host a live band – we missed it by one day but heard it’s fantastic!


CocoBistro – Make a reservation EARLY! Like weeks in advance early. I called 3 weeks in advance and the only times available for the day we wanted were 6:00pm and 9:00pm. It worked out perfectly because we always dine early with the kids! Must try : the fish tacos!

Bay Bistro – Delicious lunch. Right on beach. Great drinks!

The Somerset– Great lunch with a beautiful view of the infiniti pool, hotel and ocean. The fish tacos were AMAZING!

Somewhere Cafe – Another great spot right on the beach. We had a delicious breakfast but the lunch menu looked great too! See ‘snorkeling’ below for more info!

Caicos Bakery – Cute little bakery. We biked one morning for croissants and coffee. I’ve heard the Quiche Lorraine is similar to Paris!

Lemon2Go Coffee Shop – I loved biking here most mornings. You can park your bike right out front while you run inside to order. Situated within a gift and beautiful flower shop, you can shop while you wait for your coffee order. The cutest outdoor seating area is right across the street from the shopping center so you have a nice view while you enjoy your coffee!


Beach – The reason why we fly to Turks and Caicos and for good reason! The beaches are SO beautiful. White, soft sand. Clear, blue, warm water. Warm sunshine. It doesn’t get much better. Each hotel is lined with chairs and umbrellas. TIP : Wake up early, grab some beach towels and save your seats for the day. They fill up fast but our hotel’s beach never seemed too crowded.

Snorkel – I’ll tell you about a little secret! Right next to the Somewhere Cafe sits the Coral Gardens. Go bright and early (my brother and I walked here around 8am), rent snorkeling gear (we brought goggles and flippers from our hotel) and go snorkeling! There’s a section marked off to swim around. We saw bright fish and big fish. I got scared at one point and had to head back in pretty quickly but the big celebrity of the reef is the turtle! The later in the day you go, the more people will be around just to keep in mind.

Paddle Board – While we didn’t hit the waters to paddle, it’s an activity our hotel offers for free. It would be great exercise all while enjoying the beautiful views.

Shopping – We were lucky enough to be in walking or biking distance to downtown. The colorful stores are a great way to pass the time. From ice cream to bathing suits you can find it all. Just be prepared for higher prices!

Golf – There is one golf course on the island called Provo and from what I hear (and can imagine) it’s beautiful! Make sure to pack sunscreen and a hat as the sun beats down all day.

Biking – Our hotel had bikes to borrow on a daily basis, first come first serve. We often took them for a spin in the morning to grab coffees and pastries to start our day. I preferred the mornings as it wasn’t as hot yet.

Fish Fry – Every Thursday night, the island hosts a fish fry in an open lot. It’s filled with trinket vendors and lots of food tents. A live band plays music throughout the night which is a lot of fun! We didn’t stay long as the babies were getting tired but we could see it lasting throughout the night.


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