Matching Holiday Pajamas in Friday Finds

The holidays are all about traditions. Every year, my sisters-in-law and I will wear matching pajamas on Christmas morning. I remember the first year we decided to match. We came up with the plan of one by one walking up the stairs at different times, all dressed in the same print. I still laugh because I think we were the only ones who got a kick out of it. But since that year, we’ve kept the tradition going; we plan MONTHS in advance, sending each other pictures of pajama sets we see online. It’s fun and gets us excited for what’s to come! We’ve had some good pajama years and not so good ones (the too tight year which is still talked about). Mind you, they weren’t THAT tight; but we did wait until last minute to buy our pajamas and we were limited on sizes :/

Now that there are babies around, we have passed the tradition onto them too. It’s so cute watching the boys run around together with their cousins and the tradition will make lasting memories.

Hanna Andersson Stripes

Red and white stripes are the classic Christmas pattern. Reminding me of a sweet candy cane, these jammies are soft and very durable for all ages.

Hanna Andersson Fair Isle 

Another classic print, fair isle is so magical and dreamy and reminds me of a winter wonderland.

Roberta Roller Rabbit

James has the original blue monkey design and they are the softest pajamas ever. Made out of pima cotton, they are high quality and durable. They are pricey but worth the investment. I love that they came out with a few holiday options too.

Something Navy

Thermal pajamas are perfect for the holidays to keep your children extra warm! The tight fit allows to throw on under other clothing so they can also wear them while playing outside in the cold.

Burt’s Bees Forest Print

James rocked these last year during the winter and they’re adorable. Can be worn past the holidays too because they’re a wintery print! I mean.. the boys wear their Christmas pajamas year round but who’s keeping track :/ Affordable option!

Gap Plaid Flannels

Buttons. Plaid. Flannel. All the heart eyes. Do they come in adult size? Plaid is just so classic (there’s that word again…) but it’s true! Reminds me of an old Christmas film.

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