Travel Bug Gift Guide

Nothing like going on an adventure and seeing the world.  I am always up for a vacation with family or friends whether it’s right around the corner or a flight away. We have a few trips planned for early next year and I am so excited! These items will help prepare the travel bug in your life!

MVMT Watch – Nothing like a good old fashioned watch to tell time. It’s a great accessory but also keeps you up to date with time change. Use code ‘laurenfortsch15’ for $15 off your purchase!

Travel Pouch – Throw this clear pouch in your carry-on bag with your license and passport or your suitcase with lotions and shampoos. There’s nothing worse than digging through your belongings when trying to find something specific, especially a small item.

Instax Camera – Polaroids are so cute and make for a perfect souvenir. This mini camera fits right inside your bag and instantly prints pictures. Don’t forget the film!

Suitcase – Can’t leave home without it! This Mark & Graham suitcase is monogrammable (is that a word?) I love the look of this one and the hard outer shell makes it extra durable for my, without fail, overweight luggage.

Hand and Body Cream – Travel size to bring on the plane. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated and you can conveniently use this throughout the flight and trip.

Sleep Mask – For those who are able to sleep on planes or just want to close their eyes. It’s nice to have complete darkness if your neighbor wants to keep the window shade up.

Face Mask – Always a good idea to bring face lotions and masks for hydration.

Chapstick – Can never have too many.

Evian Spray – A little spritz goes a long way! Again, flights take out the moisture from your skin so this would be amazing to keep on hand for your face.

USB Charger Keychain – So convenient to take on a trip, especially taking a million pictures on your phone. Keep in your wallet and the tassel will always be easy to find!

Noise Canceling Headphones – Jimmy, my dad, and my brother all have a pair of these and they always rave about them. Whether it’s on the plane or listening to music on the beach, the noise around you is completely canceled out, leaving you relaxed.

Neck Pillow – Kind of a cliche travel gift BUT Jimmy swears by his. On long flights or car rides, it makes for a more comfortable travel when trying to sleep.

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