Personalized Gift Guide


Personalized items are so thoughtful to me. It could just be an everyday bag but once you put initials on it I’m obsessed. I think it just shows that the gifter went that extra step to show that this particular gift was meant for you.

L.L. Bean Boat and Tote – We were gifted 4 of these bags and use every single one of them. Often. James and Henry each received one when they were born; one is used as a diaper bag while the other is used as a travel bag for the boys’ belongings. Jimmy gave me one when we first started dating and has my maiden name initials embroidered! I use this bag to store my other bags. Our final ‘F’ bag which I received as a wedding gift from my bridesmaids is used for travel or as a beach bag. So versatile and classic!

Barrington Gifts Duffel Bag– There are so many designs to choose from. I love both the stripes and the plaid.

Mark and Graham Clutch – Tortoise pairs so well with everything since it a neutral shade. Dress up for the holidays or a girl’s night out. I would monogram initials over a full name.

Maya Brenner Necklace – Such a special gift for a mom. You can add initials of each child and they will have it forever.

Mark and Graham Scarf – So cozy. Dress up with a holiday look or dress down with jeans and a sweater.

Personalized Collar Stays – So special to gift to a father or grandfather from a child or grandchild. They will carry a little something with them as they wear their collared shirts. Jimmy wears his everyday to work!

Pottery Barn Personalized Book –  James received a version of this book for Christmas last year from his cousins (thanks Sam and Julia!) and it’s still in the rotation.  James loves hearing his name throughout the story! Such a cute and classic gift that will be cherished for years. There are different stories to choose from so each child could have their unique adventure!

Personalized Ornament – There are ornaments for all occasion – first married Christmas, baby’s first Christmas, first house. Jimmy’s aunt Mary gave James his first Christmas ornament and it’s something we will have forever! We are reminded of each special moment as we place the ornament on the tree year after year. Thanks Mary!

Personalized Plate – Many designs to choose from so they do not have to be holiday based. Your child could use this on special occasions or everyday and it will be so fun for them to have their own special plate!

Dog Bed – Can’t forget about your pet this year! Nema would love this. It looks so comfortable and matches our decor perfectly!

Pajamas – I bought myself this set of pajamas last year and they are SO good that they are back in stock this year. They are lightweight, classic and of course comfortable.

Rey to Z Hat – LOVE these monogrammed hats. Henry and James each have a navy one in size 18 month to 4 years and they look SO cute in them! All sizes available from baby to adult! How cute would it be to match as a family? Use code ‘laurenf15’ for 15% off your order!

Golf Link Toppers – Not even sure what these are but they have to do with golf and Jimmy loves golf so maybe he would love these! Etsy has some great options for personalized golf balls and link toppers too!

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