Bibs and Bandanas

Henry will be 6 months in a few short weeks (I can’t believe it)!  His sleeping has been all over the place; some nights he sleeps 12 hours, other nights he will wake up twice with an average of waking up once around 4:00am.  He has rosy red cheeks and lots of drool. These symptoms could only mean one thing: teething.  Our baby cut his first tooth which happens to be months before James’ first.  I’ve heard many different solutions to the teething adventure: medications, numbing gel, feed on demand etc. We are playing it by ear since teething and sleep training do not go hand in hand but one thing we are sticking to are bibs!

I guess bibs and bandanas are not really a solution but they help with the inevitable multiple change of clothes due to wetness from the mouth.  Bandanas add an accessory to every outfit and it’s fun to mix and match prints and patterns.  They also provide a shield when feeding solid foods. Both of the boys are the messiest eaters but it’s all about trying new things and enjoying the experience. You can always clean and change their clothes!

I love these (one comes with a teether attached!), these, and these bandanas.  As for bibs, we’ve used these for James in the past.  I like the silicone material and the catch pocket for fallen food.  He doesn’t really like wearing them anymore so we’ll just keep them as a backup for Henry!

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