What’s In Our Beach Bag?


We have two everyday bags during the summer: our diaper bag and beach bag.  Both are L.L. Bean Boat and Tote Bags which are my favorite.  We received both as gifts for the boys when they were born and I highly recommend them! They’re durable, classic, and spacious and perfect for everyday use.



You can order the diaper insert to create more compartments to easily separate your goods.  Henry’s monogrammed tote is smaller so we keep the necessities in it: diapers, wipes, water cup, diaper rash cream (or Vaseline), bottle and formula.



James’ big bag is used for the beach. The sunscreen, swim diapers, monogrammed hats (use code SIMPLYLAUREN for 10% off) and toys (buckets, shovels, and cars) never leave the bag.  Items that need replacing are towels, snacks, a change of clothes and bathing suits. When we are home from the beach, these items go straight to the hamper. Once cleaned and dried, they head right back to the beach bag. I find that if it’s packed and fully stocked, we won’t be running around morning of beach day trying to find the mandatory products.

Anything you love that we’re missing in our beach bag? Please comment below!


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