Teethers for Babies


Last week we covered bibs and bandanas for teething babies.  This week is all about the teethers to complement the bib and add relief to your child.  Henry just cut four teeth. FOUR! At the same time. So we are all in full teething mode.  Between James and Henry, we’ve accumulated many teethers and there are a few that are our favorites.

Moose Teether

This was gifted to Henry and it’s the ultra teether.  Mortimer the Moose is colorful and has many different textures that make different noises and feels, stimulating all the senses. While his body is soft like a stuffed animal, his ears are a harder material perfectly made for teething. Conveniently, Mortimer can hook on to strollers and carriers for baby’s on the go entertainment. We just keep Mortimer in the car because I always seem to forget a teether for Henry whenever we leave the house!

Teether Feeder


We have a two “teether feeders;” one with silicone and one with netting. Honestly, I like them both equally.  They’re great for summer months but we carry them into every season.  Since we started Henry on solids, these are not only a great teether but also introduces your baby to new foods. We buy frozen organic berries from Trader Joe’s, place a few at a time in the teether, and allow Henry to discover new textures and tastes.

Silicone Teether


Silicone teethers are your classic teether.  They are simple without any extras.  We keep them in our freezer so they provide a soothing sensation on the gums.

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