The Big E


Every year, Western Massachusetts hosts a special fair called Eastern State Exposition also known as the Big E. This year the fair was held during the last few weeks of September. We were able to attend one day while we were visiting our family. I’ve heard many stories of when Jimmy attended when he was younger but have never been myself. The only day we were able to go happened to be the hottest day in history. Despite the hot temperatures, the Big E was all that it was cracked up to be!



The most anticipated ride of our adventure was the giant slide. Unfortunately, James was just under the height minimum so he was not able to participate. His cousin Samuel had a blast though! We had fun watching him zoom down the slide. To keep the momentum going, we passed by a pony ride we thought the boys would enjoy. However, the ride did not go as planned and both boys were upset.


One of my favorite parts of the Big E was the Avenue of the States. The six New England states each create a replica of their statehouse and showcase their traditional products and attractions that represents their state. From Vermont’s maple sugar to New Hampshire’s apple cider, we had a great time visiting and learning about what makes each state unique. This was definitely one of the most crowded locations within the fair but a must see! Head there early in the morning or towards the end of the day for less crowds.




Like any other fair, there were games and food located throughout the grounds (the fired donut nuggets were delicious!) As soon as we hit the game section, Jimmy and his brothers’ eyes lit up. They played every game imaginable and won the babies over ten stuffed animals!




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