Mont Tremblant Travel Guide


Mont Tremblant was a vacation for the books! It’s like a ski village meets Disney World. Nestled in the Laurentians region of Quebec, you have this bustling pedestrian village with cobblestone streets and colorful rooftops lining the base of the beautiful, peaceful mountains. With the freshly fallen snow, it makes for a very picturesque scene. It’s going to be a difficult vacation to top!



Trains, planes, and automobiles – oh my! Traveling from New York City required many nuts and bolts (and passports. Definitely do not forget those – I am looking at you James!) While it’s very doable to drive, we chose to fly. It was the quickest option and easier with a baby. We took the one hour flight from LaGuardia and rented an SUV in Montreal to drive about two hours to Mont Tremblant. En route to the village, you will pass by a small town with charming restaurants and shoppes which is a precursor for what’s to come! There is also a train that leaves NYC in the morning and arrives in Montreal in the evening.  It’s a 10+ hour ride but I’ve heard the views along the way are amazing!


Once you have arrived at Mont Tremblant, you no longer need a vehicle. Everything you need is within walking distance of your accommodation (see below). There is a parking lot at the base of the mountain for those visiting for the day and garages for hotel guests.



When it comes to Tremblant, location is everything! It’s important to stay right within the village to be in the hustle and for the convenience. Ranging from AirBnBs to Luxury Hotels, you cannot go wrong with your choice of stay. Our family stayed at the Bondurant, which was a beautiful mountainside condo. With four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two living rooms, and a kitchen, we had plenty of room to stretch and relax. It feels like home but it’s actually a hotel where you get a freshly made bed and new towels each day! And there’s a hot tub outside to boot!



Mont Tremblant offers many activities – whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you book in advance! We booked through the Mont Tremblant Adventure Center and everyone was very friendly and helpful.

With the number one thing to do at Mont Tremblant being to ski or snowboard, there are many trails to choose from whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. The trails themselves are breathtaking with snow capped trees and scenic gondola rides. See below for more information!

My personal recommendation is to schedule a dog sledding adventure. You can read about our experience here!  The forest course was about forty-five minutes away but worth the trip! We had the best time laughing at our dog sledding skills (or lack thereof) all while enjoying the beautiful scenery. It’s a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget.

They say ice skating is like riding a bike. Actually I don’t know if they say that but it does bring up some great childhood memories. Located right near the chapel, you can enjoy the well-lit enchanting rink anytime of day. It looks like it belongs in a snow globe!

If you aren’t exhausted from your day of skiing, you definitely have to go night tubing. Slightly nervous, we headed up on the life-size conveyor belt with tube in tow. We paired off, attached our tubes, and anxiously awaited to be next in line. As the tube controller spun us and let us go, we flew down the hill. I closed my eyes the entire way down but that didn’t stop me from going on another ride (or three)!






Although I did not ski nor snowboard (I am more of a lodge girl myself), everyone I went with said it was amazing. Since our group was renting skis, we were advised to arrive at the Adventure Center on the base of the mountain right when it opens. We were glad we did because the line became long shortly after! After you’re dressed and ready to go it is time to get on the mountain. Mount Tremblant boasts over 25 chair lifts (with a gondola or two) so getting to the top of mountain is easy. I didn’t get to see the top but I was told the views were amazing (cue chair lift selfie here). If you have a chance (and it’s not zero degrees) I would take the gondola up for the experience alone.

No cell service on the top so you will need the trail guide! You can find it here.



Bullseye – Great dinner spot and very kid friendly! When you first walk in you notice the outdoorsy charm with rustic wood panels and exposed brick. Then you notice the delicious food and drinks – the fries were my favorite!

La Forge – Best spot during the day, especially if your family is out skiing, like me! I posted up at the large table next to the window overlooking the mountain.  I could watch the skiers and snowboarders glide down the trails while keeping warm and cozy inside. One by one our group of skiers trickled in to indulge in apres-ski drinks and a warm lunch. The French onion soup bread bowl is so cheesy and amazing!

Au Grain de Cafe – I always try to seek out a good coffee shop while visiting a new place and so happy I found Au Grain de Cafe. There are so many drink choices – I went with the half hot chocolate & half coffee one day and a cafe mocha the next. Definitely order to stay as the glassware is adorable. Don’t forget to ask for marshmallows!

BeaverTails – I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without trying a Beaver Tail!  I mentioned these amazing treats (not actually tails of beavers) in a previous post here but they are definitely something you should seek out. They are light and fluffy and I could easily eat 100. The classique was my favorite!

La Diable – La Diable was our favorite bar. We cozied up in a large booth where we sat for hours playing games and conversing all while trying the locally brewed beers. We ordered a flight where we were able to try many different flavors, several of which are in-house brewed!






Chamonix – A women’s clothing and accessories store. We didn’t have the time to venture in but the online store looks adorable.

Rocky Mountain Chocolaterie – Stating the obvious, Rocky Mountain is a chocolate shoppe filled with a variety of chocolates. The smell alone is enticing. We tried the apple fudge and it was delicious! There are chocolate bars with Canadian maple leaf packaging if you are looking for a yummy gift to bring home!

Petite Mason Bleu – The cutest children’s store with clothing and accessories branded with moose, bears, and other animals. We purchased the Beaver Book which we read all the time!

Tremblant & Co. – From magnets to sweatshirts, you can find any souvenir you want! We purchased our Tremblant snowshoe ornament for our Christmas tree from here!



If you are planning a winter getaway, Mont Tremblant is a vacation to remember! Please leave me a comment if you have any questions I did not answer! Do you have any exciting trips planned?!

3 thoughts on “Mont Tremblant Travel Guide

  1. Your trip sounded lovely. I am headed there is weekend but unfortunately it’s supposed to be a rather warm and rainy one. Any more suggestions on activities if we can’t ski? Also, where can we find the snow tubing? Thank you 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading, Christine! If you are looking at the mountain, the snow tubing will be on the left up the bunny hill. Besides dog sledding, there are the Scandinavian baths, zip lining, ice skating, and ice fishing which all look amazing! Hope you have a great time! 🙂


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