Dog Sledding in Mont Tremblant


Outfit Details

Gap Red Jacket, J.Crew Sweater, Anthropologie Pom Pom Hat, J.Crew Pants, Sorel Boots

Dog sledding was one of the first activities we reserved and one we were looking forward to the most when booking our trip to Mont Tremblant. We booked our ride through the Mont Tremblant Activity Center and everyone was so friendly and helpful. After a 40 minute van ride through windy roads and snowy road conditions, we made it to our dog sledding mountain adventure! When you arrive at the top, you first notice the plethora of doghouses with barking dogs attached ready to take on the course. Huskies are known to love the cold weather and getting to work. Before heading out onto the trails, we met with our guides in the yurt (a warm hut) to get the rundown of driving, braking, and enjoying the ride. Once we were instructed and informed, we headed out to the harnessed and leashed dogs who were very excited and ready to go!




As we boarded our sled, I became slightly nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.  I started out as the passenger on the sled wrapped in blankets with a water proof shield on a comfortable cushion. It was so cozy and a time to take in all the scenery. As the snowflakes fell, we rode past snow capped trees, river banks, and bridges. Being on top of the mountain with fresh snow falling made for a picturesque scene. My winter gear of my Gap parka, Sorel boots, and pom pom hat were the perfect combination to keep me bundled during our adventure. I like to mix and match whenever I travel and these three items were definitely staples on our trip. I love the pop of red of my jacket and the faux fur hood was an extra layer of warmth.







About halfway through the journey (approx. 25 minutes), we switched positions and I became the driver.  Frozen, I had to remember to keep two hands on the wheel and one foot close to the brake. I took my eyes off the road to see the trails behind us for less than thirty seconds and almost lost control of our sled (sorry Marie)! We rode up hills and down descents, yelling French commands and motivating the dogs by running and pushing the sled when necessary. We laughed the whole time, bumping into the sides of the trail, running slightly off course at times while the wind and snow blew in our faces. It was a great workout and so much fun!





Once the trip ended, we were invited into the warm yurt to enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies. We even got to hold husky puppies! They were so cute I wanted to take them home with us.




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