Hospital Bag


They say you don’t need to pack your hospital bag until you’re at least 32 weeks pregnant. I took that advice and packed way earlier! To be honest, you don’t need much. But as a new mommy, I packed everything but the kitchen sink! I read so many different posts and opinions on what was necessary and I was so lost. Here you can find what I packed and used and what the hospital provides.

               Main Image - Rosie Pope Seamless Maternity Leggings

The CatalinaMain Image - Boob Design 'Fast Food' Seamless Nursing Bra                                 

From Home

Lo & Sons Bag : I love my Catalina weekender bag. I use it for all my quick weekend getaways. It is lightweight, durable, and easily folds to store when I am home. It’s also so cute! It was the perfect amount of space for my stay at the hospital and the zip pocket on the bottom was perfect for my shoes.

J.Crew Pajamas : I tried to go as comfortable as possible as far as pajamas were concerned. I ended up wearing these only the last day of being in the hospital. Since I had a c section, I was trying to stay clear of anything close to my recent scar. These were perfect because they could stretch above the scar.

Plum Pretty Sugar Robe :  You will wear a hospital gown during your stay but I brought my own to feel more relaxed and more myself. It felt good to change and start to get back into my clothes.

Nursing Bras : I was searching for the best nursing bras, considering fabric, convenience, and durability. These are great because they are comfortable, easy to use, and pads are included. I don’t wear the pads every day but I like the fact I can take them out and use them when necessary.

Flip Flops : Once you feel up to it, taking a shower feels amazing. I wore a pair of flip flops in the shower just to feel cleaner.

Mommy Going Home Outfit : (Dress, Sweater, Tank Top, Maternity Leggings, Sneakers) Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it’s comfortable! The car ride may be only 5 minutes, but it feels like forever. Every bump we took, every turn we made, was uncomfortable. Since James was born in the fall, I chose to wear leggings and a sweater. I included this cute dress if you’re delivering in the summer. It’s ideal to have a loose fit.

Serena and Lily Baby Going Home Outfit : I received this from my cousin from my baby shower for baby James’ big debut. It came with everything he needed for his first outing – hat, blanket, and kimono onesie. I loved the white fabric with blue stitching!

Medela Pump : Technically, you don’t really need this as the hospital could provide for you but I brought mine and so happy I did! The nurses taught me how to use the pump and it definitely helped to relieve myself in the hospital during those first few days.

Medela Lanolin : I could not live without this! The hospital will give this to you as well but I thought it was helpful to bring my own since I went through so much during the first few weeks of breastfeeding.

From Hospital

Mesh Underwear : These are amazing and necessary! Take as many as you can get to wear when you get home. Trust me! I wasn’t able to find a similar pair online or in stores.

Everything for baby: Diapers, wipes, outfits, swaddles etc. was given to James which was super helpful so we did not have to worry about running out.



Outfit Details

Gap Striped Sweater (old, similar here), Zara PeplumTank Top (old, similar here)

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