parlez-vous francais?

Paris, France .  August 18, 2015image image  imageimageimageimage


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These pictures were actually taken on our first day in Paris. We just stepped off the cold plane, dropped our luggage off at our hotel, and I was too excited to change!  I wore this long sleeve striped shirt from J.Crew and a pair of jeans from Comptoirs des Cotonniers. The tee is oversized and would be perfect for a chilly night out or serving as a sweater over a dress.

We ended up walking around for hours, grabbing lunch   and seeing a few of the historic attractions throughout the city. Our first stop was the Louvre. We didn’t make it inside but we did get to experience the area around the beautiful pyramids. The tourists were snapping photos with the pyramid in the background as if they were holding them up and I thought it was only right to do the same!

As we walked along the Seine River, we couldn’t help but notice the ornate architecture on every corner. Each building had a unique style and it was beautiful to experience. We crossed the river and found ourselves at the Notre Dame Cathedral. The line was all the way down the street! Instead of spending hours in the queue, we found a cute cafe across the street, indulged in some crepes and people watched with an amazing view of the Cathedral.

Au revoir, Paris! xo, Lauren

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