Hair Journey with Formulate

Let’s set the stage.

As many of you may know my hair has been on a wild rollercoaster since day one. I was born with very curly hair and a lot of it. It was always hard to manage so I started straightening it in high school. Years of blow drying and using hot straightening tools left my hair dry, damaged and brittle. Then came babies which led to post-partum hair. This was a whole different game to tackle. I have tried various products, shampoos and conditioners to help restore my hair but nothing seemed to work. Cue Formulate.

I had the opportunity to work with the brand starting back in January. The idea behind the company is every shampoo and conditioner is customized. This totally makes sense because everyone has different hair! First, fill out the survey online, answering questions based on your environment and how you want to transform your hair. And voila! You will have your own set customized specifically for you and your hair needs.

After taking the questionnaire, I created the formula to lengthen, strengthen, mend split ends, thermal protect and deep condition my hair. You can even choose the scent you want and how strong it permeates! Once my products arrived a few weeks later (it takes longer to deliver since they are fully customized), I started testing them out right away. If you have never used 100% natural products before, prepare for a greasy hair day. Honestly, I never experienced this. I think it’s because my hair is so dry it was like HELP ME and soaked in all the nutrients it could.

According to the instructions, it’s best to shampoo twice per shower to really cleanse your scalp and then condition. I shampoo, condition and blow dry twice a week. My hair never gets oily and it works for me and my schedule. After just a few weeks of uses, I noticed a difference in my hair. I wish you could see and feel it in real life. It’s soft and moisturized. It’s slowly growing, especially underneath. Besides my gray hair, I am excited to finally see my hair taking a turn for the better! And the best part… if you are not satisfied with your formula, just send in feedback and the creators at Formulate will fix your product until it’s PERFECT!

*GIVEAWAY* You can make your own shampoo and conditioner formula too! Formulate and I are giving away a customized set to one lucky winner! Enter here. Good luck!!!

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