A Letter To Me Before You

I am so excited to be teaming up with some of my fellow local blogger friends for a new series! Each month or so we will be writing a post on a different topic. Today we are all writing a letter to ourselves before having children. See their posts below!

This post was difficult for me to write. 1. Because I honestly forget what life was like before my boys. 2. I wouldn’t change it for the world! Instead of a letter, I am writing some characteristics I had before kids (and still have :/ ) and some memories to go with them. I hope my babies will take these reminders with them throughout their lives!

Be spontaneous. For our honeymoon, Jimmy and I traveled to France. We were there for almost two weeks, staying in Paris for a few nights and then flying South to the beach. With only a hotel booked for our initial stay, we would plan our next adventure only hours before we would depart for our next destination. It was fun and exciting and something we will never forget! BUT it doesn’t have to be a plane ride away to have a spur of the moment adventure. Go out to a last minute brunch with friends. Grab a coffee at your favorite shop. Jump in your car and ride around with your windows down. Have FUN!

Be adventurous. After graduating college, three friends and I planned a trip to Australia. We flew into Sydney and traveled up the east coast for four months, jumping from hostel to hostel and finally settling down in an apartment in Surfer’s Paradise. We saw so many great towns and cities like Queenstown, New Zealand, Melbourne, and the Great Barrier Reef. So many memories and another adventure I will never forget! More adventures : Try a new cuisine at a local restaurant. Take the scenic way home. Drive to the beach and take the polar plunge.

Be worry- free. After a year of a long distance relationship, I moved to New York City to live with Jimmy. With no job lined up quite yet, I knew I would get one eventually. Everything works out. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You are only young once. ENJOY IT! Let mom and dad do the worrying for you 😉

Enjoy the little things. Every weekend while we lived on the Upper East Side, Jimmy and I would walk our dog Nema around the park. We all had fun enjoying the fresh air and spending hours outdoors. Stop and smell the roses. Sleep late. Buy yourself that new bag you’ve been eyeing for years (don’t tell dad). Above all, do what makes YOU happy.

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