Henry’s 9 Month Update

My baby is 9 months old! Henry is the happiest baby, always laughing or smiling at everyone he encounters, especially James. The only time he is fussy is when he can’t get food fast enough. He is determined, a fast learner, and loves to explore. He is crawling everywhere and discovering all new things around the house (ie pine needles from our Christmas tree, Nema’s dog hair, and stale food) and trying to eat them before mom and dad can catch him. Henry is pulling himself on the stairs, in his crib, in the tub and every piece of furniture. He wants to walk around like his big brother so badly and we can tell it will happen soon. 

Our big boy is 96th percentile for height and 76th percentile for weight – tall and thin just like his dad! Henry is in 12-18month and 18-24month clothing depending on the brand and we love dressing him in James’ hand me downs. He loves to chat all day long, clap and dance and it’s the cutest thing to watch. He is so sweet, very aware and very curious. He gets very excited when walking around or chasing James with mom and dad. We love Henry so much; he’s the best addition to our family! It’s amazing to watch the world through both boy’s perspectives. 

Henry’s Schedule

Henry and James are on the same schedule. It took us awhile to get here but most days they wake up at the same time, eat their meals at the same time, take their afternoon nap at the same time and go to sleep at the same time. 

6:00/ 6:30am Wakeup/ Bottle

7:00am Breakfast


9:00am Nap

11:00am Wakeup/ Bottle

12:00pm Lunch


1:00pm Nap

3:00pm Wakeup/ Bottle


4:00pm Snack

5:00pm Catnap

6:00pm Bathtime

6:30pm Bottle

7:00pm Dinner

7:15pm Bed


Henry LOVES to eat! And he eats everything. Within these past few months we have introduced Henry to table foods. He was always staring at everything we would eat so we started to feed him little nibbles of what we were eating. We are still feeding him purees to make sure he is getting food in his system since a lot of the food just ends up on the floor for Nema to eat but we always give him what we are eating first. With practice and lots of messy meals, Henry is getting so good at his grasp to pick up food on his own. He loves crackers, bambas, chicken, cheerios, cheese, yogurt, veggies. He even likes my quinoa bean veggie burger that has a little bit of spice to it. Everything.


Since the boys were infants, we have used the E.A.S.Y. method (eat, activity, sleep, you time). It has helped us from day one to determine a schedule and stick with it. At night we used the Ferber Cry It Out method and it has worked like a charm for both boys. It took Henry a little while longer to get in a good sleep habit but he is finally there. He is teething so it gets wonky at times but we have stuck with letting him cry at night and he can soothe himself back to sleep within 15 minutes (usually). He still sleeps in a sleep sack and sucks his thumb. Neither of the boys ever took a pacifier even though many different kinds were introduced! 

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