Time For Fall

760D2420-70C8-4B7A-92E7-864C3CA63E8FMenswear is big this season. You can find the trend in coats and blazers but one thing I am trying is through accessories. I have been wearing Jimmy’s MVMT watch and loving it. Honestly, I was never much of a watch person until having children.  From bedtime to bottle feedings, everything I do depends on time so I am constantly checking the clock or watch to stay on track.




I am a stickler for being on time. One of my biggest pet peeves is being late so I will get ready for a trip a week in advance by packing overnight bags early and the diaper bag hours before we head in the car. I will plan out our day minute by minute to know when the boys need to nap, eat, take baths, go to bed but also when I can run out and do errands.


What I love about Jimmy’s watch, the Forty Series 40mm, is it’s lightweight, simple and the camel-colored wristband matches my wardrobe. Pairing it with sweaters and jeans for a mom outfit on the go during the week or with a skirt, cute top and booties for a mom’s night out makes it very versatile. And did you know MVMT has a sunglasse line? I’ve been searching for a good, solid pair of sunglasses for awhile now. The Legend pair is timeless and can transition into any season. This and this style also caught my eye.


James, Henry and I met my cousin Heather and her sweet baby Sophia at Terrain in Westport for lunch, coffee and of course to check out the beautiful store.  If you have never been, make sure to put it on your list of must sees. But just be aware of the fact that you will want everything! We chose to meet at 10:30am, right after Henry’s nap and right before James would go down. With Terrain being 20 minutes away, I planned ahead by packing our diaper bag full of wipes, diapers, snacks, a water cup for James and a bottle and extra formula for Henry. I knew I had to wake Henry up from his nap at 9:45am so he could have his bottle before we left at 10:00am, giving myself a few extra minutes to spare to get the kids in the car, to park and get the stroller out once we arrived. None of this could have been done without checking my watch for the time.


The indoor space at Terrain is magically decorated with items for your home such as wreaths, blankets, candles, and so much more. The cafe is nestled in the corner of the store but flows into the outdoor seating with string lights above. It’s adorable and so inviting on a beautiful fall day. Since we had our young children, we chose to eat indoors and mosey on outside afterwards to enjoy the scenery. As you peak outside, you’ll find a fall atmosphere with plants, mums, pumpkins, and corn husks.


October and November are filled with events for adults like wreath making class, girls night out, dinners, and the new book launch. You can even host an event (shower, rehearsal dinner etc) in this incredible space! And fun fact : if you have a group of 6 or more you can create your own class to share with friends!

Use code ‘laurenfortsch15’ for $15 off your purchase!

Thank you MVMT for sponsoring this post.

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