Sleep Time Essentials


Bedtime is one of my favorite times of the day.  It’s a time where we unwind, cuddle, read books together and just relax. Our days can be so busy that it’s nice to just have a minute to relax upstairs with little distractions.  We keep their bedroom very minimal with no toys.  I wanted to create a calming environment and associate their space with rest rather than play. Eventually I want to add a bookcase next to the glider to have a cozy little corner for story time.

From the moment our boys were born, we’ve had the same essentials and stuck with them! These items are used for nap and bedtime.  I think it’s important to be consistent and the babies will learn to adapt and it will become part of their routine.

Sleep Sacks

We’ve used a sleep sack since James was a newborn and have transitioned him into a new one after every weight and height limit. Henry is now wearing all of James’ old sleep sacks. It’s like a wearable sleeping bag that is comfortable and cozy yet safe for sleeping babies.  There are many factors to raising a great sleeper and this is one that I believed has helped.

Sound Machine

White noise puts our boys right to bed.  James likes to press the button to have it turn on right before he goes into his crib.  We keep the machine on fan mode but there are several other sounds to choose from.  When James was a baby, he used this sleep sheep which is cute and cuddly but also creates sounds, one  being the sound of a heartbeat.

Stuffed Animals

Once your baby turns one, you can allow them to sleep with stuffed animals in their crib.  James sleeps with at least five stuffed animals at night and can’t get enough! He will cuddle them, talk to them, play with them, etc. He loves them so much.

Crib Mobile

Both James and Henry love their mobiles.  While James no longer has one in his crib, he still likes to listen to Henry’s music as he is falling asleep. There are so many different options for mobiles that you can really choose anything to match your nursery!


Who doesn’t love a good pair of cozy pajamas? These are so soft and have the cutest designs! On the pricier side but worth the splurge.

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