A Letter to James

12AC78CD-E4BF-4DA5-9729-F336D564B596To My Sweet Baby James,

October 4, 2016. A day I will remember forever.  I wasn’t allowed to eat 12 hours before your delivery so Daddy and I feasted on pizza, baked ziti, garlic bread and ice cream the night before. My alarm was set for 4:00am but it was so hard to even sleep. We had to be at the hospital by 6:00am, two hours before the scheduled c-section at 8:00am. You were breech and didn’t want to turn!

We stopped at the bagel shop before to pick up some bagels and coffee for the wonderful doctors and nurses who would deliver you. Mommy doesn’t like to be late so I was rushing Daddy. Little did we know, there would be a long wait ahead! 8:00am came and went and we were still waiting, emergency c-sections taking our spot in line but that’s okay because other babies wanted to be born too!

At around 10:00am, I was called into the operating room (my IV already attached – that actually hurt more than anything! The nurses couldn’t find my veins and tried to put the IV in 4 times!) After about 20 minutes of prep, the doctor called Daddy into the room (he had to wear scrubs too!) We were so excited to meet you and about 10 minutes later we heard a cry and oh! he’s a big boy! Born at 8lbs 15oz you were such a little love.  We would spend the next 4 days in the hospital just us, a family of 3.

I can’t believe it’s been two years.  We are so proud of the boy you are becoming.  You are so sweet, kind, happy, silly and smart. Sweet to your little brother.  Kind to everyone you meet. Happy with the biggest smile and cutest laugh. Silly all the time. Smart in everything you do. You are so special and we are so lucky to call you ours.

We love you so much James Gerard Fortsch III!!


Mommy and Daddy


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