Mornings with YETI


Outfit Details

Old Navy Sweatshirt. J.Crew Jeans, Yeti Tumbler

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

This may sound sponsored but it’s not.  I just love my Yeti tumbler that much. It comes with me wherever I go. Whether it be enjoying my mornings at home or on the go, my Yeti is right by my side.

One of the first things I do in the morning is make a pot of coffee. Being a mom on the go, I always forget to drink it right away as I am trying to accomplish a million other tasks all at once. But I can always trust my Yeti to be warm. The coffee inside the tumbler stays hot for about an hour. After that it keeps warm for most of the day. I try not to drink coffee after noon because I get too jittery but from 7:00am- 12:00pm my coffee is the perfect temperature. I prefer it to be warm over hot.  The Yeti also is known for keeping your cold beverages cold but I have not tested it out yer.  I should start to drink my water out of the tumbler. Pretty cups always make me drink more!

The tumbler fits right into your car cup holder for those on the go trips.  The top mouth spout has a slide which closes and opens so your coffee stays warm but also prevents spills! This has come in handy many times since James always picks up my tumbler. There are many colors to choose from; I went with pastel blue.

New Blog Posting Schedule 

I felt that it was time to create a schedule and stick to it.  Sometimes my mommy Monday posts are on the line of being a mommy post but since I only write blog posts for Mondays they had to be posted. If that makes sense? But here is the new schedule so you know what’s to come when!

Monday – All things mommy. This series has been in action since James was born and it will continue to be in the rotation.  It’s my norm and everyday so it comes easily!

Wednesday – Lifestyle.  From our travels to fashion, the possibilities are endless. I felt that lifestyle needed it’s own day as there are so many things to write about.

Friday – Friday Finds.  This series is only two weeks old (!) and one I wonder why I didn’t start earlier. With Friday Finds, I accumulate a list of five items I have found throughout the week and create a themed post. This could be a specific current sale or a more broad home decor topic.

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