Car Seat Check

A74B7F24-767A-48CE-8F7D-96755B7AE872It was National Seat Check on Saturday and what better of an introduction is that to our families choice of car seats and some tips and tricks to adjust your baby’s seat that we’ve learned along the way. I amI found this website to be super helpful. If you want to make sure your car seat is installed correctly, you can head to your nearest Fire Station!

We have two car seats; James rides in the Graco 4Ever All-in-One Slim Fit and Henry sits in the UppaBaby Infant Mesa Car Seat.

The UppaBaby Mesa Car Seat

Back when I was pregnant with James, we received the UppaBaby Car Seat as a gift (thanks Fordham wives!) It’s been a staple in my everyday mommy life ever since! From stroller rides to car rides, you can easily transfer baby from one spot to another with just a press of a button. Once James turned one, we transferred him into his convertible car seat. Now, Henry is using the UppaBaby!


  • Press button near foot to loosen straps.
  • There is a slot on each side where you can fit the strap in to allow for room when placing baby in seat.
  • To adjust headrest, pull strap at top of headrest and push upwards.


  • The harness is at or below baby’s shoulders.
  • The chest clip is at armpit level.
  • Baby’s head is between


  • Easily transfers from stroller to car seat base

The Graco 4Ever All-in-One Slim Fit

My parents bought this car seat for James as his first birthday gift.  He’s been sitting in it since then.  It’s been rear-facing in our car but we’ve recently turned it forward facing due to James’ age and height.  Before changing the car seat’s position, make sure to check your local and state laws, as well as AAP and NHTSA recommendations.


  • Adjust straps with button near feet.


  • Your child is in the right position : Rear-Facing Harness (4-40 lb, head must be at least 1″below handle), Forward-Facing Harness (20-65 lb with harness, 27-49″), Highback Booster (30-100 lb, 38-57″) or Backless Booster (40-120 lb, 40-57″)


  • Two Cup Holders
  • Convertible from infant to booster seat




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