Hospital Bag – What You Really Need


This pregnancy has gone by so quickly. Since I am now 36 weeks pregnant (!!!), I thought it was time to pack up my hospital bag.  With a scheduled c section, I can prepare for the actual delivery day. However, you never know if you will go into labor early! So I want to be extra prepared.

I tried to be minimal with my last hospital bag but this time around I am going even smaller. All the necessary toiletries and phone / camera accessories will still be included in this bag like my toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, moisturizer, flip flops, and organic nipple cream. I will not be bringing any breastfeeding gear like my pump, or breast friend pillow as they just take up space and I never used them in the hospital (the hospital actually has pumps if needed!) The hospital provides everything you could ever need from gown to mesh undies to breastfeeding balm but I want to bring some of my own belongings to feel more comfortable since my stay in the hospital is a long one.

1. Lo and Sons Weekend Bag

I love my Lo and Sons bag. I use it all the time for weekend trips or a carry on for longer getaways.  It provides so much room for everything I need, easy to clean, and includes a separate zip pouch on the bottom for shoes!


2. Pajamas

I didn’t change out of the hospital gown for the duration of my last pregnancy but I am packing a few comfortable options just in case. I am packing both this gray pair and black pair of pajama pants that have drawstrings for convenience. They are also both super comfortable.


3. Nightshirt

This nightshirt is super soft and comfortable and also perfect for nursing. I love the light pink color and the lightweight material.


4. MotherLove Nipple Cream

I have not tried this nipple cream yet but have heard great things from friends and family.  It’s all natural organic and safe for both mommy and baby.


5. Gripper Socks 

I found the perfect socks for the hospital! The hospital does provide socks with grips on the bottom. It’s important to get up and walk after a c section to begin the healing process, no matter how much it may hurt.  I wore them everyday but want my own for comfort and these are super cute, soft, and have a super cozy lining inside!


6. Slippers

I’ve had these UGG slippers for years and I am definitely bringing them along.  I wore my socks more in the hospital than slippers since I found it was harder to walk in slippers after birth (can only speak for a c section recovery).


7. Nursing Bras

I am so happy I discovered Rosie Pope’s maternity line at Kohl’s. Both affordable and comfortable for those sore breastfeeding days. These bras are also on my list as they are not only functional but cute!


8. Robe

Again, I didn’t change out of the provided gown in the hospital last time around but I am bringing this robe just in case. I brought it for the stay last time and it’s soft, lightweight, and easy to nurse in.

9. Flip Flops

A must! If you are planning on showering, pack those flip flops!

10. Phone Charger

An extra long charger is on the list because there are only so many outlets and they are usually far away from the bed.  You run out of battery so quickly since you’re texting, calling, and taking pictures of your sweet new baby (and usually with very little service).

11. Going Home Outfit

I will most likely pack two different outfits depending on how I feel on going home day.  For James’ October delivery, I wore my maternity leggings, a nursing tank, a cardigan, and sneakers.  This type of outfit definitely will be packed because I felt comfortable and supported for the ride home.  I am also thinking of bringing a sweater dress with my Ugg boots.  Probably not as practical but just as comfortable.


12. Camera and Accessories

Honestly, this was packed last birth too but wasn’t used as much as our phones.  I am planning on bringing our new Instax camera too for something fun and different!

13. Thank You Gifts for Nurses

There are so many cute gift ideas on Pinterest but we just went with your classic bagel basket filled with bagels and all the fixins, and a box of Joe! It was a big hit and so easy when you’re delivering right in New York City!



♦ Pajamas

♦ Nightshirt

♦ Nipple Cream

♦ Socks

♦ Slippers

♦ Nursing Bras

♦ Robe

♦ Flip Flops

♦ Going Home Outfit (for both mommy and baby)

♦ Toiletries / Hair Products

(Including toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, face wash, razor, hair brush, dry shampoo, deodorant, and body wash)

♦ Camera and Accessories

♦ Extra Long Phone Charger


Let me know what hospital essentials are on your list!

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