ezpz Happy Mat

D9997399-5454-45DE-B3BC-44BCCF92B89Aezpz Happy Mat

When it comes to making a quick decision, I am not your girl.  I like to do my research and take my time even if the price or result is not as significant as I make it out to be.  I tend to wait for sales and/ or forget what I am looking for in the first place until months later when Jimmy reminds me.  One product I was on the hunt for was a place mat for James.

I searched high and low, and heard and read great things about the ezpz happy mat.  I knew I needed to try it! There are several options of place mats to choose from (ex. bowls vs. plate or bear vs. happy face or red vs. blue).  Where do I begin!?



We went with the mini happy mat in blue and we’re all happy with the decision. One of the main reasons we decided on the mini rather than the classic mat is because of the size. The mini mat fits perfectly on our IKEA high chair (and with most high chairs), can be easily stored in our Brooklyn apartment, and is great for traveling.  The mini mat can literally fit right in your diaper bag and it comes with a convenient zip lock pouch to travel with.   Since we’re always on the go, the smaller size was a plus for us!


I love the different compartments of the mat and keeping the food separate. Since I usually make one fruit, one veggie, and one main dish per meal,  I can divide  the multiple food groups and see what James gravitates towards.  It’s so fun watching James use his fork and spoon to dig in! Once he is done eating, I can throw the mini mat right into the dishwasher – as a busy mama, dishwasher safe is convenient and always a win.



There is a suction bottom which will stick to any table or high chair. James has figured out how to pull up the mat but he usually will either bring the mat closer to his body or will be too distracted by the food to make a mess (until he’s done… then that’s a different story).



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Thank you ezpzfun for sponsoring this post.

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