Hiking in Western Massachusetts

CBEFE84B-FC35-4260-8F1B-133067EF4A31Every time we head to Western Massachusetts, we’re visiting family. This time was a bit different – we scheduled a block of time to see our friends in the area, too! One of our planned activities was to do a group hike up Skinner Mountain in Hadley, Massachusetts.  I definitely was not expecting the mountain to be as steep as it was.  The hike was no joke!




The view from the top was so breathtaking.  There is an old white house that used to be a hotel but still hosts events (from what I’ve heard) which sits on the top of the mountain.  As you stand on the porch, you can look out for miles.  I would have to say fall is the best time to visit because the foliage is hard to beat! The autumnal colors fill the land as far as the eye can see.




With the belly growing, it’s hard to keep up with the season’s fashion.  I recently discovered Isabel & Ingrid at Target which has many affordable and comfortable options.  I wore this tee shirt and I know I will be wearing it throughout the rest of this pregnancy.  It’s soft and stretchy and is long enough to cover the belly! I am also loving this pink colored v-neck, this cozy pullover, and this ruffle sleeve sweater from the collection. My leggings are H&M Maternity. They are thin and lightweight which are easy to wear for a growing belly, too!


James is wearing this 2-piece set from Old Navy, consisting of camo pants and a gray sweatshirt. I love that I can mix and math the pieces and create different outfits.  I paired it with this Gap Factory vest.  He may or may not wear it everyday; it’s just so perfect for this fall weather when we wear multiple layers!

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