Diaper Bag

img_6108I bring our diaper around everywhere we go. Whether it’s on a walk or a road trip, it’s always right by our side. The bottom of the stroller is a perfect place to store the bag since it’s easily accessible while we are out and about and it doesn’t take up extra room in our NYC size apartment. If I notice a product is running low, I will immediately resupply when we get home so I avoid the risk of forgetting in the future.


Diaper Bag – I received our diaper bag via our Pottery Barn registry. A changing mat was stored inside which has been very convenient for on the go activities. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be called a ” diaper bag.” A lightweight bag would do just fine. I love this one.

Diapers – The number of diapers I bring depends on the amount of time I will be traveling. On average, there’s about 4-5 diapers in the bag.

Wipes – The travel sized wipe package empties rather quickly. I’ve upgraded to a regular size package which lasts longer.

Hand Sanitizer – Whether you just changed the baby’s diaper or need to freshen up, cleansing your hands free of germs is a must.

Teething Toy – James is on the early stages of teething and one small teether is all he needs. Sometimes he just likes to hold onto the toy and play in his stroller.

Bib/ Burp Cloth – Due to teething, James has been drooling a lot. Bibs, burp cloths or any type of soft cloth helps wipe away the moisture.

Bottle – Can’t leave home without one. If James gets fussy, a meal is a quick fix.

Diaper Rash Cream – After a dirty diaper, I always apply a diaper rash cream or Vaseline to soothe the area. Trying to prevent diaper rashes any way I can!

Extra Outfit –  It’s always nice to change into a clean outfit whether it’s wet, dirty or a new day. Make sure it fits! Up until recently, we still had newborn clothing in our diaper bag which is just taking up needed space.

Winter Gear (hat & mittens & boots) – Now that it’s colder outside, we always travel with the correct winter necessities. James tends to keep his hands out of his blanket while riding in the stroller so mittens are a must during colder temperatures.


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