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Welcome to Mommy Monday! I am so excited to bring this new segment to my blog!

This Mommy Monday post is a little longer but a little necessary. I wrote down everything I registered for and have used. It’s such an overwhelming time trying to nest but not knowing what you need (or even want!)

               BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light
For Baby

Pottery Barn Crib – All cribs are basically the same size, so it’s just a matter of preference. I opted for white. You can also get a conversion kit for some cribs to make into a toddler bed like this.

Pottery Barn Chair – We got a great deal on a rocking chair but this one is similar. We use it every night right before bed to read stories and pop bottles!
DaVinci Changing Table – I would love a bigger one for more storage but the nursery is small so we opted for a smaller changing table. Purchased on Amazon.
Pottery Barn Changing Pad – I think they are all the same size?
Pottery Barn Changing Cover –  I would either get a few covers or just no cover at all. Between the pee and poop and spit up, it’s always dirty. The changing pad itself is easy to wipe clean.
Car Mirror – I would go crazy if I didn’t have this. You can see them in the mirror when you’re driving, maybe a little distracting but helps to treat the worriness!
Activity Mat –  We play on the mat every day. James loves the little animals. He cannot reach them yet but getting close!
Rock and Play –  MUST! James hangs out in it a lot. He used to take naps in it when he was smaller. It vibrates and looks so cozy. Not the cutest but it’s magic.
Diaper Bag – I wanted this one but it was sold out so I got this one instead. It does the trick! I literally just throw all the necessities inside and keep it in my stroller until I need it.
Boppy – You can throw the baby right in here wherever you are: couch, table, floor.
Humidifier – Our apartment is really dry during the winter so this keeps the air nice and moist.
JJ Cole Stroller Blanket – MUST! I haven’t even put James in a jacket yet because this blanket is so cozy and keeps him so warm. Literally, he will be sweating when I take him out.
Diapers – I love Honest but they are expensive. You can get pretty good bundle deals on their site though. We started with Honest but then changed to Pampers and they work great.
Wipes –  My favorite are Honest but again the price. I found a similar brand called Seventh Generation which is organic as well and doesn’t have a strong scent like Huggies or Pampers. Also we have a subscription on Amazon where you can save 5 or 15% per order a month.
Pottery Barn Sheets – We have the whales but they are sold out but these are cute! Our nursery is a gray and white animal theme.
Laundry Detergent – We use Dreft and it smells like babies 🙂
Bumper – You read so many opinions on bumpers but we use ours. Technically, he only takes naps in the crib but it’s been fine! We have the Nantucket Seer Sucker bumper and crib skirt but both are sold out.
Pack and Play – We bring ours to our parent’s homes when we travel and it’s been great. It’s really low which will work when he’s older too! Sheets sold separately but we have been forgetting to use ours and it’s been fine!
Onesies – I would skip the newborn clothes and go straight to 0-3, James didn’t even fit into his newborn clothes because he was so big at birth! I like Carter’s and Gap onesies because they are stretchy at the neck.
Pottery Barn Sleep Sheep –  We just bought this and so happy we did. He loves white noise and this comes with 4 different sounds and 2 different time settings. It puts him right to sleep.
Burp Cloths – We have these everywhere throughout the apartment.
Puj Tub – We use the Puj Tub which fits into the sink in our kitchen.
Pottery Barn Hamper (similar)- We got the monogrammed hamper insert as well. We got the Taupe with a white and grey insert (I also like this option).
Pottery Barn Towel (similar) – I love the little animal ones but you can’t go wrong with any towel. We’ve only bathed him a handful of times :/
Motherhood Collection Wash Cloths – These are SUPER soft! Purchased on Amazon
UppaBaby Stroller – My mom found the outlet in Hingham, Massachusetts! She bought the stroller for a fraction of the price. We have the Cruz because it’s smaller and more city friendly than the Vista. However, you can attach another seat to the Vista for future children.
UppaBabyCar Seat – The car seat also attaches to the stroller. There is a toddler seat and bassinet that also hook into the stroller. We have the black color.
Pottery Barn Mobile –  James is obsessed with his mobile. I’ll just throw him in the crib and keep winding it up and he could stare at it for hours (similar here)
Dr. Brown’s Bottles –   These are great because they eliminate air bubbles which causes gas.
Sleep Sack – We started swaddling James with these (great because it’s super easy!) and these but he kicked himself out of it every night so we upgraded to the gingham sleep sack from Jacadi. Worth the money! We literally use it every night (similar here)
Thermometer – Can’t live without it. Love this one because you scan the baby’s forehead. We also used it like 45 times a day when we first brought him home 🙂
Pictures – I love all of the prints from this shop! We have the zebra, lamb, monkey, and giraffe.
Serena and Lily Baby Going Home Outfit –  I loved the white outfit. He peed all over his outfit right before we left the hospital so he didn’t end up wearing this home! Note to self : always pack an extra outfit!
Nail Clippers –  Scared to use it because his nails are so small but it does come with a magnifying glass attached!
Bottle Warmer –  Baby boy only likes his milk warm.
Baby Brezza Formula Machine – We don’t have this but my friend does and it’s amazing. Basically, you put the formula on top, press a button, and your formula is made for you just at the right temperature and amount!
Diaper Genie –  Perfect to get those dirty stinky diapers away and mask the smell!
Ergo Baby Carrier –  We bought the newborn insert as well so we could use it early on. James loves movement so he loves being in the carrier. It’s a little tricky to physically put on, still getting used to it! I also throw it on to cook if the baby is getting antsy!
Monitor –  Since James still sleeps in our room, we haven’t used our monitor yet. We have this one which got great reviews BUT apparently they have more high tech ones where you can watch the baby from their room on your phone!
Baby Swing – We don’t have one but heard the Mamaroo  works wonders.
For you (if breastfeeding)
Nursing Bras – I actually purchased mine from Amazon and they are perfect. Easy to use and come with pads which makes it more comfortable.
Pump – I have Medela which I got from my insurance for free. They have great customer service if you have any problems.
Medela HydroGel Pads – Ummmm these are amazing.
Medela Lanolin – I used this after every feeding.

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