Decorating with desirelist


Outfit Details

Old Navy Striped Shirt (old, similar here), Gap Jeans, Old Navy Socks (old, similar here)

The holidays are right around the corner! I am so excited to continue decorating our apartment until Christmas. Growing up in a Jewish household, we didn’t have many decorations to display. We had a menorah, beautiful hand-dipped candles, and an occasional blue poinsettia. I didn’t know much different until meeting my husband. Jimmy celebrates Christmas which provided me an opportunity to decorate and go all out. Now that we have a child, it makes the holidays even more fun. We’ve accumulated lots of festive classics throughout the years but you can never have too much!





Everywhere we travel we purchase an ornament from that city. We have a llama from Peru, seashells from Florida, an Eiffel Towel from Paris and so on. When we are hanging them on the tree, the unique souvenirs bring up such special memories and we can reminisce for hours.




As a lover of lists, I organize all my ideas through many different outlets (ie notebooks, email, notes on my phone, shopping carts at various websites). Many ideas get lost in translation due to an overwhelming amount of places to store information. That’s when I discovered desirelist. I’ve had so much fun creating desirelists that feature my favorite items from all my favorite shops. I downloaded the desirelist browser button which is so easy to use. Whenever you see something you desire from any site, you click the button on your screen and it will save it to one of your organized desirelists. Now, I have all my desires in one place!

Check out my Holiday Decor desirelist below!

Happy Listing!

Thank you to OOONY for sponsoring this post.


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