Road Trip

Along the Coast, France . August 26, 2015




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Reluctantly, Jimmy and I slowly gathered our belongings and headed out of La Colombe d’Or and down the winding streets of Saint-Paul-de-Vence. We drove along the coast, passing isolated beaches, stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, and grand cliffs with natural rock formations and tiny villages. It was breathtaking!

Three hours later, we settled into a small town called San Peire. Originally, we were going to be ambitious and head to Saint Tropez that same day but due to heavy traffic and an unplanned road trip, we decided to have a quiet night and San Peire was the perfect spot! We soaked up the sun on the beach, jet skied on the Mediterranean during sunset, and walked through the market along the boardwalk. We ended the night with a bottle of red wine, delicious gelato, and some live music.

My goal was to find the lavender fields but unfortunately, it was too late in the season and most of the fields were harvested. We did find a lavender bush though! Naturally, I had to take a picture and pretend I was frolicking in the rolling hills of lavender.

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