La Colombe d’Or

Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France . August 22, 2015

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Step back in time to the magnificent hotel, La Colombe d’Or. We found La Colombe based on a recommendation and so happy we did!  It is unlike any other hotel I have ever stayed in. Not only is the history behind the building unbelievable but the feeling you get when you are there is indescribable.

La Colombe opened in 1920 as a cafe bar and soon become an Inn with only three rooms. These rooms were frequented by artists, such as Picasso and Matisse. In exchange for a room for the night or a meal, the artist would give a painting. These paintings and sculptures have been placed all around La Colombe, filling the walls with incredible artwork. The hotel is now home of to thirteen rooms and twelve suites. It is truly amazing to walk around the historic hotel where the famous artists have visited and view all the artwork.

After quickly booking a room as soon as we discovered the exclusive hotel, we were lucky enough to set a reservation for lunch.  The traditional Provencale cuisine is served on the outdoor terrace throughout the summer, where we relaxed under an ivory umbrella and hanging trees. We indulged in a fresh vegetable basket, twelve shared plates ranging from lentils to eggplant, poached salmon in a cream sauce, and steak served with potatoes. Each dish was so delicious and the hotel and restaurant staff is out of this world. Everyone was so kind and warm and made our experience even better.  It’s clear why people travel from near and far to visit this gem!

That night before we went out on the town, we stopped at the hotel bar where we sipped on glasses of red wine and nibbled on olives, peanuts, sesame crackers, and charcuterie. The entire stay was a magical experience and one we will never forget!

Have a great weekend! xo, Lauren

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