How To Find Gems On Facebook Marketplace

Over the past few years, I’ve found some great pieces on Facebook Marketplace: a Pottery Barn dresser for the guest room, a nightstand by Ballard Designs and my most recent find – an antique dresser ( shown above). What I love about FBMP is it’s all online so you can search for unique pieces in the comfort of your own home. It’s contactless so you can pay via venmo and the seller usually leaves the item outside for you to pick up. And lastly, you can see who’s selling it! I like seeing a face instead of say Craigslist where you can only see the product. Here are some tips of the trade I’ve learned from my experience :

Check often. This is my number one tip because pieces go quickly! Especially things you really love. If you check a few times a day, you’re bound to hit a sweet spot!

Inquire quickly. As soon as you see something that sparks your interest, ask if it’s still available. Like I said above, things go quickly so you want to make sure you’re on top of it as soon as possible. Even if you end up wanting to think about it, the message will be in your inbox so you can reference it in the future. I always ask even if I only like it a little bit.

Use keywords. Know your style and taste and what you’re in the market for. It makes the search easier to narrow down specific pieces. When you use keywords often, items will pop up in the main feed for you to find more easily. Keywords I use the most :

• Antique Chest • Bamboo • Rattan • Serena and Lily • Ballard Designs • Antique Dresser •

Have you used Facebook Marketplace before? Any additional tips to use?

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