Playschool At Home Supplies

If you have been following along on Instagram, you have seen that I am creating a homeschool curriculum for preschool aged children for the upcoming school year. As a certified teacher with a Master’s in Elementary Education who loves doing activities and going on adventures, I thought I would share the things we will be doing at home with all of you! What’s great about the homeschool program is you probably have a lot of these materials at home already! I try to recycle boxes, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, paper plates etc as well to create crafts for the boys. Whether you’ll be using the lessons during the week as your source of schooling or on the weekends for something to do, I hope it helps during these hard times.

Easel Paper – Great for easel art but also covering a table to color, drawing a large race track on the floor, and an alternative to a table cloth.

Calendar – We used this calendar in our preschool classroom and I am excited to bring it to our home classroom. The boys will learn the month, the days of the week and the date!

Markers – Our makers always dry up so quickly so it’s good to have a backup set! These ones are multicultural too!

Cookie Cutters – In addition to cooking, these cookie cutters can be used with play dough and as stamps.

Contact Paper – This contact paper is really cool. One half is sticky so your child can place various materials on it to make a collage. Then when they’re done, either stick to construction paper or another piece of contact paper.

Pom Poms, Googly Eye Set – These materials can be used for sorting colors, making collages or a tool to paint with.

Kinetic Sand – Another really cool product. This sand sticks together which never makes a mess. We use it with trucks to make tracks, to hide treasures and to make sandcastles. I always put it back in the bag when we’re done to save for another day!

Magnatiles – Highly recommend! The boys use these They build towers, rocketships, etc The list goes on and on and their imagination runs wild. We have both the Picasso brand and Magnatile brand. The Magnatiles are double the price and I honestly don’t see a difference.

Crayons – Classics we use all the time.

Puzzles – We love all Melissa and Doug products, especially their puzzles. They’re great quality and have lasted for years. Great for fine motor and letter recognition.

Colored Pencils – Another classic that is great to have on hand.

Play dough – Although there is always a mess, the boys have so much fun playing with play dough. Sometimes they’re entertained for hours at a time.

Construction Paper – Always good to have as well. We use construction paper for scissor practice, making paper airplanes, and of course coloring!

Sensory Bin – This is the sensory bin we have. I’ll put the the kinetic sand, water, shaving cream etc in for messy, hands-on fun!

Dot Stickers – We use these dot stickers for so many activities. One trick I have is to peel off the large background sticker attached to the mini stickers so your child has an easier time of taking off the stickers.

Stamps – Great activity the boys love to do! The stamp pads can be used for fingerprints or other activities too.

Post-it Notes – Another item we use a lot. We write letters, play matching games and the boys just like to peel them apart which is a great fine motor activity too.

Weather Poster – We will be talking about the weather everyday so this will be great to have as a visual.

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