Sleep Training Tips from Readers

If you’ve been following along, you know we have started sleep training Teddy. Kind of. There are a lot of parts that go into sleep training including our day and night time routines. We follow the EASY method throughout the day and the Ferber method at night (more about our schedule here). Our bedtime routine for Teddy is bath, bottle, book, bed and James and Henry’s routine is dinner, bath, teeth, book, bed!

Teddy has done a 12 hour stretch at night so I know he is capable of sleeping through the night. However, every baby is different and we noticed a pattern of when we would put Teddy down to bed at 7:00p, he would sleep for 30 minutes and then wake up and stay up until 10:00pm. I reached out to YOU for suggestions on getting him to sleep better and longer. Here are your tips:

  • Takingcarababies is a great resource online!
  • Try putting baby to bed earlier. 6pm is not too early!
  • Try a dream feed at 10:30pm and he could go past the middle of the night feeding. A dream feed is when you feed the baby while they are still sleeping.
  • Ferber method (which we did with both boys – more on that here) : shushing, soothing, rub him to calm down (do not pick up), leave and see if he puts himself back to sleep
  • Make the sound machine louder once he starts getting fussy (we have the Hatch sound machine and the App allows you to make it louder on your phone!
  • When you feed baby overnight, keep him awake. That will help consolidate his sleep and then he does the work of putting himself back to sleep, setting him up to eventually self wean (thank you sleepwise consultant!)
  • ROUTINE! Stay consistent. Putting him to bed at the same time every night will make a difference!
  • Follow a schedule based on feeding times and wake windows (sort of like the EASY method we have been using)
  • Dark room with white noise. We love the Hatch sound machine!
  • My friend Emily is a sleep consultant and has great information to share. She did posts on Q+A , Sleep Regression, Night Terror vs Nightmares, and Sleep Routine. Emily’s email is  if you have any questions!

Hope this helps! Please comment below if you have any other tips! Thank you 🙂

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