How To Host A Play Group

When it comes to planning parties I always map out every detail by creating lists, making diagrams and Pinning my favorite ideas and inspiration via Pinterest. For our play date it was like any other party I plan but it was full of moms and babies.


My friend who started our playgroup created a spreadsheet to send to those participating. Columns included mom and children names, date of hosting, location, time and contact information. Most of our play dates are hosted after nap time around 3:30/4:00pm but mornings work great, too as long as the other participants are available. Once the document has been created, share with fellow moms in your neighborhood, friend circle or town. If you have one friend and she has two, share to the whole group! It’s a great way to make new friends. Upon receiving the document, choose a date that works for you and your family and fill in the information accordingly. Only the dates available will be left blank. The chart fills up quickly so make sure to open the document right away to get your desired date!


Variety and abundance are key. You want to make sure you have at least one of every snack provided just in case every child wants the same thing! I also wanted to give choices that were easy for children to eat on their own. Individual snacks such as fruit pouches, cheez it’s and veggie sticks are a good option so the child can hold their own bag. Colder items such as watermelon and cheese sticks for hotter days and treats like popsicles will always be a hit! As for the adults, veggies, hummus, pita chips and fruit are refreshing and nutritious.


With the play date being only about 2 hours, the children usually entertain themselves for most of the time. Since it’s summer, activities setup outdoors are essential. These include the water table, plastic pool, sprinkler, swing set and a blanket with toys. However, if the weather is not cooperating, your home needs to be ready to go! An alternative would be to choose a playground as your hosting location, preferably shaded.

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