Favorite Natural Deodorant

Pregnancy is wonderful and magical and amazing. I’ve had pretty easy pregnancies with all three babies and I am very lucky for that, despite some expected aches, pains, nausea and exhaustion. However, there was one symptom I was not expecting. I used my favorite deodorant, Dove Fresh Cucumber, for years and loved it. When I got pregnant with James, it stopped working! I searched high and low for something that smelled good, lasted all day and safe for my body and baby. I tried all the deodorants (Native, Kopari, etc) ; I even tried Jimmy’s Old Spice and that didn’t do the job! It would wear off within a few hours and left me unprotected for the duration of the day.

I found Primally Pure through another blogger’s suggestion at Elizabeth Street Post. It worked like a charm and I haven’t looked back since! I have been a devoted customer for the past 3+ years and have been so happy with the results. They even came out with a beauty line I will have to try soon!

I ended up subscribing to a deodorant subscription and chose to receive a new deodorant every three months. I always receive an email reminder to either update my order as it will arrive soon. I’ve changed the scent a few times to try something new (currently using lavender but started with blue tansy) and I am going to extend the time I receive a new order because the deodorant lasts a long time and since it’s natural, the packaging suggests to use within 6 months. The benefits of the subscription include free shipping and a discount each order.

As a reader of simply lauren, you will receive 10% off your first order when you use code LAURENF10 at checkout. Let me know what you order in the comments below!

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