Tips for Flying with Children

Flying can be daunting especially when with children. I’ve accumulated a list of tips that were given to us and worked for our family. Best of luck and know we are all in this together!


1. PLAN PLAN PLAN – You can’t plan enough. Make it simple and easy but make sure you have the right stuff and not too much of it. Plan for every scenario like extra diapers and outfits in case of spills or accidents. Allow for extra time as always. You never know if you will need a potty break, hit a traffic jam, or take extra time during security. With children, everything takes that much longer.

2. LAYERS – Just like adults, it’s important to wear layers on the plane and be prepared for your destination’s weather. James and Henry both wore sweatpants and sweatshirts on the plane with a tee shirt underneath.

3. MORE LEGROOM – If it’s not too expensive, opt for more legroom. Your child can sit on the floor and play, you can place a dock-a-tot down below for your child to sleep or just for more space of course.

4. BRING A PACK OF WET ONES – Used for everything! Constantly wipe down your hands and your kids hands while traveling. Wipe down your entire area on the plane before settling in since there are so many germs and it’s rarely cleaned otherwise.

5. RUN AROUND AIRPORT BEFORE FLIGHT – Planes are crowded, quiet, and kids get antsy. Get as much energy out as you can before boarding. Going along with this, BOARD LAST. Once you get your ticket scanned, there is always a line at the entrance of the plane anyways. The least amount of time you can spend on the plane the better.

6. ALL OF THE SNACKS – There may be delays on the tarmac and you could be stuck for hours. Delta only provides so much provisions. We brought goldfish, cheese-itz, lollipops (helps with ear popping), teethers, banana chips, yogis, freeze-dried fruits and formula for Henry. Maybe it was a little excessive for a three hour flight but every time someone was fussy, a snack was offered and it helped (most of the time).

7. ENTERTAINMENT – James had a bag worth of activities packed for the trip found here. I don’t think you can be too prepared for a long flight. Another form of entertainment… walk up and down the aisles. Hopefully it will tire them out!

8. WINDOW SEAT – It may seem like a no brainer but you can control the shade. Someone else can fall asleep and you’re stuck with the sun directly in your eyes or the HEAT from the sun blasting down on you. The window can act as entertainment too. Your child can look out the window and look at the view, the clouds etc. James played with gel stickers on the window, too.

9. GATE CHECK YOUR STROLLER – We brought our double stroller with us to Turks. After walking through security our stroller acted as both storage for our carry-ons and a seat when the boys were tired of walking. Buy a travel bag for your stroller so it doesn’t get damaged along the way. Best yet… IT’S FREE to check your stroller and car seats.

10. STAY CALM – Your children feed off your energy. If you are calm, they will (hopefully) stay calm. Unless you are me and your child is holding your hand during turbulence!

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