Baby Proofing Our Home

When it comes to babies, parents start to panic to get the house baby proofed in time for baby’s arrival. In reality, you don’t need to finish the task until baby is crawling and they are getting into everything and anything possible. Fortunately we did not have to do a lot of baby proofing in our home since the previous owners did most of the work already! Honestly I would never think of half of these on my own so I’m happy someone did the work for me!

Door Sensors

Every door in our home that leads to the outside has a sensor. On the top corner of the door, you’ll find the device that will ring every time the door is opened, notifying you if a child has left the house!

Plug Covers

We have these on every plug in our home that is in reaching distance of our boys. They are easy to remove if you need to actually plug something in to the socket.

Baby Gates

There is a gate at the top of our stairs that is drilled into the wall. When we are upstairs, we shut the gate. However, I would like to add a gate to the bottom of the stairs to prevent the boys from climbing up. I also would like to add a gate to block off the playroom so they can’t escape!

Cabinet Locks

I found these magnets on Amazon and I love them. We keep the magnet “lock” on one of our top cabinets that the boys cannot reach. Simply hold the magnet lock next to the cabinet that has the installed magnet and the door opens! You can even place the locks in drawers.

Basement Double Locks

The basement door doesn’t have sensors so the double lock is key! James can reach the lower turn knob so the higher lock is very important. The higher lock would also be helpful to add to a bedroom so your child cannot leave during bedtime.

Oven Lock

There is a lock installed on the oven door to prevent the boys to open. It slides a little to the right and then you lift up to unlock. It’s always locked even if we are not cooking.

Mounting Dressers

The changing tables and dressers are mounted to the wall. If your child pulls out too many drawers, the dresser could fall onto your child.

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