Our Favorite Wooden Toys

James and Henry have their fair share of plastic and electronic toys. However, there is something so timeless and special about wooden toys. There are so many benefits of wooden toys. They are educational, environmentally friendly, and durable. They’re calming and stimulating and require imagination. It also encourages social interaction. The boys are starting to play together and it’s so cute to watch their bond grow day by day. They go back to these toys time and time again and I know they will last a long time.

Puzzles – Not only are they a great teether (cue Henry), the boys learn shapes, colors, letters etc.

Pounding Bench with Mallet  – Using eye-hand coordination is key for using this toy! If you see the above picture, it did not end well for Henry’s hand 😦

Skyline Blocks  -James loves building structures and adding new ones all around the playroom.

Alphabet Blocks -These remind me of what I had growing up. There are letters and pictures and you can build!

Kitchen + Wooden Foods -We actually have the Ikea kitchen play set but this linked one is very similar. James and Henry play with the kitchen everyday. Their imagination runs wild when they cook!

Abacus -Learning numbers is the initial tool but the boys like to slide the pieces, make noises and say the colors of the beads, too.

Bead Cube -These are always in the doctor’s office and James loves playing with it so much. We bought a mini version for him to play with at home. It teaches colors, shapes, numbers as well as patience!

Cars-I almost forgot to add cars to this list! It should actually be the number one toy on this list. James cannot get enough of his cars. He has them all lined up on our bay window and goes back often throughout the day to play with them.

Coffee Set -A big hit! James makes us coffee every morning (and afternoon and evening). He likes to add sugar, ice cubes and milk and tell you it’s hot!

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