Gift Guide for Guys

For Christmas gifts, Jimmy and I usually opt for a trip or experience together. We started a tradition of spending the night in New York City in a new neighborhood every year and exploring that area, eating, walking around and being merry. Our only free weekend this year happened to be on my birthday weekend so it was extra special! If you are looking for a little something extra to buy your husband, brother, uncle, father or father-in-law, these gifts are all Jimmy approved! 

Yeti Cooler – these coolers are amazing. They are indestructible, will hold cold water for days, and the design is minimal for an everyday outing. 

Slippers – It’s always nice to have a pair of soft and warm slippers to slip on while walking around your house during the winter. 

Headphones – My dad, brother and Jimmy all have owned a pair of noise canceling headphones for years. They’re good for travel, 

Patagonia Pullover – Since moving to the burbs, lounge wear is our go-to. The man in your life can wear this on the weekends running around town, doing yardwork or hanging around the house. 

MVMT Watch – Jimmy wears his new watch everyday. The face is simple and the brown matches most of his clothing. He dresses the watch up for work and down with jeans. Very versatile. 

Google Home – We have a few spread out throughout our home and Jimmy is always asking questions like “what’s the weather” and 

Lounge Pants – Nothing like coming home from a long day at work and throwing on a pair of comfortable sweatpants. 

Scarf – As we were walking around NYC a few weekends ago, we stopped in SoHo for a scarf and gloves for Jimmy since the cold and wind were bustling. The material is super warm and cozy.

Gloves – Warm, soft and technological. 

Socks – Can’t have too many socks! We are always misplacing them or losing one of the pair. These and these are perfect for work while these are cozy for home. 

Boots – With the cold winter months quickly approaching, it’s imperative to have waterproof, warm boots. Jimmy wears these all the time while he’s outdoors. 

Electric Toothbrush – The best gift to give. It’s by far the best electric toothbrush I’ve owned. Has 5 modes ranging from sensitive to whitening. Use code ‘simplylauren20’ for 20% off your order!

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