Toddler Gift Guide


Does your toddler change their interests every 30 seconds? It’s so hard to keep up! I’ve created a list of toddler gifts for both boys and girls. Some of these items we already have while others are on our wish list and maybe even Santa will bring this year. There are gifts at all price points but these are classics which you will have for years to come!

Espresso Machine – I actually want this for myself. How cute?! James loves helping mommy make coffee in the morning so now he can have a machine of his own!

Teepee – I have a vision of putting this in our playroom with a bunch of pillows and books inside to create a little book nook.  It’s a separate place where the boys can go and read but also play pretend!

Easel – James loves drawing these days but we usually keep the art paper on the ottoman in the playroom. It would be so nice to have an art area where we keep all the supplies.

Scooter – Not sure if James would pick this up right away but I have seen a lot of toddlers his age zooming around on scooters. Now that we have our own driveway I think it would be fun to teach him!

Tricycle – James loves his Cozy Coupe and this just seems like a smaller version. It also would teach the beginning steps on how to ride a bike.

Play Kitchen – If you followed along this past October I painted and built a play kitchen for James’ second birthday. He loves it and I know it will be a hit for years! A bonus stocking stuffer would be to add wooden food items such as these food groups, this kitchenware set, or this cutting food set.

Cuddle + Kind Stuffed Animal – James and Henry love their stuffed animals and we were gifted a cat Cuddle + Kind when James was born. He sleeps with him every night. My favorite part about this company is that they will donate meals to children in need for every stuffed animal purchased. Win win!

Clean Set – Every time I take out the broom or swiffer James asks to use it. It would be so cute for him to have his own mini set to “help” me.

Stroller and Baby – I meant to buy James a stroller and baby set when I was pregnant with Henry but #mombrain. Our friend had one for her boy the same age as James and every time we would visit James would play with it! He loves pushing it around and caring for baby just like mommy and daddy do.

Potty – May be an odd gift to give to a child but James is really interested in the potty these days and we actually do not have a mini potty for him to use! They say to introduce them early which we haven’t done so this is on our list! It also comes with a step stool so when he is ready to use the bigger potty we’ll be all set!

Cash Register – James loves pushing button of any kind, even the alarm button in the elevator :/ and look how many buttons he would be able to push on this register! Anthropologie has some GREAT finds this year!

Baking Mixer – Guys these wooden toys kill me!! Pottery Barn – you got me! Always.


Magnatiles are a great toy to help with fine motor skills as children build, stack, match, and have fun!

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