Henry’s 6/7 Month Update


Baby Henry! It’s true what they say… time flies with babies. These past 6 months have been nothing short of amazing and I wish time would just slow down!

Henry is a little love and joy in our family. He has a sweet demeanor just like his brother but a more serious personality. He watches everything very carefully and takes it all in.  He loves being held and cuddled and sung to by his dada. It’s amazing how quickly his mood can change with just a rendition of Ants Go Marching by Jimmy. Henry is always happy, rarely fussy and only when he can’t eat fast enough.

Henry is rolling over, sitting up with support, enjoying all the foods, very talkative, and beginning the first stage of crawling. He’s much quicker than James was with his milestones which goes to prove every baby is different! He is in the highest percent for height and only midway with weight – tall and thin, with the brightest blue eyes and light possibly curly hair!

Henry’s Sleep

Henry sleeps through most nights now but on occasion will wake up in the middle of the night. We consulted with Sleep Consultant Emily Freilino (check out her Q&A here) throughout our sleep journey and it’s been super helpful. Henry’s teething (he has 4 teeth!) has thrown a large wrench in sleep training but with a quick diaper change and bottle, he will go right back down.

Henry’s Schedule

7:00am Wakeup

7:15am 8oz. Formula Bottle

7:30am Breakfast (oatmeal mixed with fruit puree)


9:00am Nap

11:00am Wakeup

11:15am Lunch (one meat & vegetable puree and one vegetable)


12:30pm Nap

2:30pm Wakeup

2:45pm 8oz. Formula Bottle

4:00pm Nap

5:00pm Wakeup

5:30pm 8 oz. Bottle

6:00pm Bathtime

7:00pm Bed

I wrote a post about the E.A.S.Y. schedule (eat, activity, sleep, you time) we use with the boys and it’s really helped us bring a routine to our everyday. Personally, I like having an idea of a schedule and being able to plan my day around it. Of course, there are times where we travel or fall asleep in the car but it’s about being flexible and adjusting the schedule to fit the needs.

Henry’s Favorite Things

Henry’s most favorite thing is his brother. He watches James’ every move and laughs or smiles at everything he does. He loves his teethers and really anything he can fit in his mouth.  Henry walks around the house in his mobile activity center, following James wherever he goes.

Henry’s Menu

Right now Henry has about 24oz. of formula a day which is still his main food source. We’ve incorporated solids into his diet around 4 months and he loves eating everything (pureed of course!) Our pediatrician told us to introduce Henry to all foods early, especially the allergens and meat groups. Fruits and vegetables are his favorite but we try to get one meat jar of baby food in a day. I don’t blame him for not being into it; it doesn’t sound so appetizing to me either.

I do not make my own baby food. I tried with James and he didn’t like it. For the time and effort, it doesn’t make sense for me to do since jars are way easier and convenient. We stick with the brands that have organic ingredients. I look on the back to see the ingredients because the word “puree” next to a food item is not ideal, even though the food itself is a puree. I’ve read that this means there are additives to keep the product shelf worthy for a long time.

James and Henry are going to be the best of friends and it makes me so happy to see their friendship and love for each other grow right from the beginning.  Siblings are the best gifts in the world and I am so thankful I was able to give them that gift.

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