Bath Time Fun

9CE69BB0-3404-41CF-B57E-DC4F88BC15AC.jpegRub a dub dub! I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to bath time every day.  We’re so busy that at the end of each day a bath is what relaxes James and Henry and it’s the start of our bedtime routine. It wasn’t always like this with James (he didn’t start liking the bath until around 10 months) but Henry has always been a fan (so far!) The boys love the old fashion regular bath where we add a few toys to play with.  However, to switch it up we’ve tried a few other options.

Bubble Bath

The good ol’ bubble bath.  I remember making hair do’s, beards, and so on growing up and now that James is old enough, he’s been enjoying them too! He finds it to be so funny as the bubbles grow in the bath with him.  He likes to blow on them too !

Glow Sticks

Whether we’ve lost power or just turned off the lights, we gave James glow sticks and it’s such a fun treat! Of course, the kids need to be out of the ‘putting everything into mouth’ phase.


Not just ordinary crayons, these write on the bathtub or shower walls and easily come off! You can even turn this into a little lesson by drawing shapes, letters, numbers etc.


This fun little fizz bubble changes the water into a bright color!

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