Preparing Older Sibling for New Baby

9DC69DB1-A0F5-49DD-971A-1C9EDE587660As the days wind down to baby #2, I am feeling all the feels.  Excited to meet the new baby but also sad to end this chapter.  It’s bittersweet.  James is my bud. We do everything together. And in just a few short days there will be another little sidekick. They say the greatest gift you can give your child is a sibling but right now I am just going to sit in the corner and cry while looking at photos of James as a baby. Anyone else? Just me? :/

James is still so young and not fully (or at all) understanding the concept of another baby coming into the picture. He does know that when we say “where’s the baby?” he points to my belly! #progress. I’ve read a million articles and heard different things on how to introduce a baby to an older sibling and have rounded up what we going to be doing. It’s not a lot but hoping anything will help ease the transition.

Big Brother Bag






Tote, Yogis, Bath Boat, Big Brother Books, Big Brother Tee Shirt, Toy People, Markers

We’ve put together a gift bag for James for the new baby to give him when he arrives at the hospital.  I think it will make James very excited to receive something and get extra attention (and he loves playing with tissue paper)! We kept it very simple and stuck with both familiar and new items.


Someone once told me when you are introducing family and friends to the new baby, have them talk and play with the older sibling first.  They can say things like “will you show me your baby?” or “I heard you’re a big brother!” and it makes them feel proud in their new role.

Setting Up Baby Items Before Baby’s Arrival

I want to get James familiar with all the baby products in the house before the baby comes home.  I think if he sees the rock ‘n’ play and bassinet, he’ll sort of realize the baby is here to stay.

Big Brother Book and Baby Doll

When we were visiting a friend and her son (also James’ age), the first toy James gravitated towards was his baby doll.  I thought it would be helpful if James had a baby of his own and “help” with the baby before it actually arrived. Since setting up the newborn items, we’ve been practicing putting the baby down for a nap, feeding the baby, and cuddling the baby. It’s really sweet to watch James take on this role.

Big Brother Activities

Once the baby arrives, I know time with just James will diminish. I am going to plan activities for just him and me or him and Jimmy to do together so he has still has his alone time.  Whether it’s a walk or a lunch out, I think it’s important to spend extra time together.

I hope this helps! Please comment below if you have any more tips and advice!

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