Maternity Staples


Welcome Back to Mommy Monday! Last week I took a poll on Instagram, and the numbers have spoken. I am going to bring back my weekly mommy posts and there are lots of topics I want to cover before Baby #2 arrives!  This week : my essentials for my winter maternity wardrobe! When I was pregnant with James, I would throw on a summer dress and call it a day.  While a summer pregnancy has it’s ease, I find this winter has been extra cozy.

Leggings : On any given day you can find me in these Isabel & Ingrid Leggings. They’re soft and comfortable and thick enough to wear often as they won’t thin.  I’ve heard these leggings are also great!

Jeans : This pair of jeans from Old Navy has been my go to if I am strolling around the neighborhood or going out with friends.  I’ve tried on several pairs from different brands but nothing fit quite the same.  I went with the demi-fit and like the fit so much more than the full tummy.

BellaBand : The reason I only own two pairs of maternity pants is because 1. I couldn’t find another good pair that fit me well and 2. I own this BellaBand. BellaBands are great because you can wear your regular pants, slip the BellaBand right up while the zipper of your pants is down, and cover your belly while also supporting. You can wear it folded or full tummy style.

Tops : As for tops, I mostly wear non-maternity and just choose an oversize sweater like this or this or go up a size like with this sweater.  I went with a medium instead of my usual small and hope to wear it after baby as well! I will also wear a basic white tank top or tee shirt and throw on a cardigan to layer.

Pajamas : My pajamas of choice have been this monogrammed set and these pants from J. Crew. I love how lightweight and loose-fitting they are. I have also been wearing this ribbed top and bottoms from Old Navy I wore during the holidays.  All the bottoms have drawstrings making it an easy adjustment before, during, and after pregnancy!

Favorite Maternity Brand : My favorite splurge pieces for maternity wear are from Hatch Collection.  You can’t go wrong with any piece. I am loving this striped tee, this bow sweater, and this bell sleeve top. This knit dress, and these overalls look so cozy! These pajamas  would be great for the hospital as they look soft and comfortable!

Books : I read Bringing up Bebe when I was pregnant with James and I am looking forward to starting it again soon with Baby #2! We follow a lot of the French style parenting that is given in this book.

In the comments below, let me know your go-to maternity staples!

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